Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Grade 8

It is now decided that I will be doing grade 8.. probably December this year (although that sort of depends on life!)
In fact I'll be doing 2.. the trinity board, and the associate board, so I'll be less nervous for one - or both.

The pieces I will be playing:

Bloch -Prayer
Faure -Elegie
Saint Saens - Allegro Appassionato
Vivaldi - Sonata VIII Largo and Allegro Poco

I'll post some you tube so you can see what they are supposed to sound like (some better than others..) Bloch is already posted further down.

Theory Exam this summer.
This is what I am playing at the moment, and just started the vivaldi.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Just had to post this too, its a long one though...

The Performance starts at roughly 13.30 with the Allegro Vivace
Andante, Second Movement at 24.20
Scherzo: Presto, Third Movement 32.40
Andantino, Allegretto, Fourth Movement 37.30 (my favourite)
Allegro giusto, Fifth Movement 46.10

21,23,24,26, I can't believe they are all younger than me! and Schubert was 22 when he wrote it.

The difference a good teacher can make.....

Simply, my favourite. You'll find no Yo Yo Ma here!

About me..Cello Life, Music Theory, etc etc

My Cello Teacher, who is brilliant and highly recommended.

I play in the the amauture 'Longwell Green Orchestra'

Currently playing on my own... Bloch 'Prayer' from Jewish Life, this is the best version I have found on You Tube, with Ashley Bathgate

This piece is a challenge for me and the first one I have played to use 3 clef's Bass, Tenor, and Treble. Also I am playing lots of beginner thumb position from the Rick Mooney book, and playing from Position pieces for cello by the same guy.

Looking at doing grade 8 in the next few years, but theory and sight reading needs to get up to scratch first.

A good website to help with theory.